Robert A. Gleaner, P.C

family law

Court statistics show that only a tiny fraction of the divorce cases that are filed are actually tried by a Judge with all others being settled by the parties. So it is important to have an experienced divorce lawyer who can assist you in negotiating an agreement that works for both parties and their children and, as a last resort, can try the matter to a conclusion.

The word divorce is actually from the Latin word “diversus” meaning “to turn different ways.” That is the way I see divorce. It does not need to be the end; it is just a different path. I have been practicing in this field of law for over thirty years and know that you need a knowledgeable attorney who is also sensitive to your current circumstances. I work tirelessly to assist my clients to reach resolutions that will put all parties on their different paths (as quickly and amicably as possible.)

My philosophy as an attorney: