Robert A. Gleaner, P.C

real estate

The selling or buying of a home is a challenging and exciting experience. For most families, it is the largest financial transaction ever entered into during a lifetime. Choosing the right real estate attorney is as important as choosing the right house. The attorneys at Robert A. Gleaner, P.C. offer a comprehensive range of services designed to protect and insulate you from the pitfalls that may be encountered during the home buying process and throughout the years. Given the magnitude of the investment which you are about to undertake, retaining an attorney with the experience of real estate settlements is always a good decision.

The attorneys at our firm have over 70 years of collective legal experience and a friendly staff to insure that every detail is being handled. We specialize in making sure that you are comfortable in your real estate transaction. From our initial review of the offer to purchase to the closing at the settlement table, we will be with you, making you safe in the knowledge that all is going smoothly and that your being properly represented.

And once the transaction is complete, we offer a full range of legal services to meet every family's needs. Throughout your lifetime, you can rest easy knowing that we will be with you as necessary, to help you through the bumps on the road. You will feel "right at home" with us!

Our office also has experience in zoning issues. Do you need to have your property subdivided so that you can sell part of it to another person? Do you have property that you want to develop for some business use? Do you need to have a variance to build a swimming pool or add a deck to your home? In these cases, and many others, an application would need to be made to the local Zoning or Planning Board. We can guide you through the process from developing your application, filing it before the proper Board, notifying the neighbors in accordance with statutory requirements and bringing the matter before the Board to obtain your approval.

Rob is also Legal Counsel to Realty Solutions, LLC, a full service real estate agency that specializes in property management.